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Yellow, Black, Red, & Brown!

Four peoples of the world: a Libyan, a Nubian, a Canaanite, and an Egyptian. A modern artistic rendering, based on a mural from the tomb of Seti I.
In portraits that go back to the Old Kingdom, the Egyptians often portrayed their surrounding cultures: Nubians, Libyans and Asiatics. The Libyans were shown with light hair and fair skin.
In pictures from Islamic Iberia during the 7th to 15th centuries, the Moors are portrayed , with some exceptions, looking no different than the native Iberians (distinguished only by their dress). Dark Skinned and East Africans were called "Zanj".
When the Arabs arrived in North Africa during the 7th century AD, ending the Greco-Roman period, they also used various terms to describe the Berbers of this region. However, it was the area south of Egypt and the Berber-populations that was called "Bilad-al-Sudan" or "land of the blacks", not the coastal regions.
There are also many pictures to be found of Berbers and Moors of obvious sub-Saharan African descent.
To draw any conclusions from these sources in their context (if that is possible) it is necessary to have experience as a historian and to have a thorough knowledge of the period and the iconographic conventions of that period. (See also: Berber people Origin and Berber people Lybyans & Numidians)

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